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10 Best VoIP Call Center Software in 2022

For businesses to engage in marketing, customer service, and other types of internal communication, call center software is a crucial tool.

This system’s ability to control numerous communication channels from a single platform is one of its primary advantages. It provides businesses with a standalone application that can handle:

  1. Email
  2. Live Chat
  3. SMS texts
  4. Social Media
  5. Instant messaging

Monster VoIP Service For Small Business

Four data centers can be hosted by Monster VoIP, an integrated hosted phone system with backup and redundancy.

The auto-provisioning features guarantee a quick connection without the need for human configuration. With Monster VoIP’s low pricing and customized configuration for unified communication, improve your corporate communications.

Monster VoIP Features

  • Hosted phone system

  • Call queuing and call recording

  • Call monitoring

  • Instant connection with auto provisioning

  • Mobility

  • Unified tool for online meetings and web conference

  • SIP trunking


One of the greatest VoIP call center applications is Zendesk, which makes use of independent, upgradeable knowledge base modules.

Chat, call management, and a knowledge base are all included in the Zendesk software’s entry-level edition. Small to medium size businesses should use the basic version.

Zendesk Talk is one of this particular application’s top features. Because of its integrated support ticketing system, customer service teams may communicate quickly across a variety of media. The sales team may turn leads into sales by using proactive live chat services.

Zendesk Features

  • Customized greetings

  • Inbound and outbound calling

  • Inbound SMS and MMS

  • Local and toll-free numbers

  • Outbound SMS and notifications

  • Routing and queueing calls

  • Voicemail


Small to medium-sized businesses should use the cloud-based phone system Freshcaller. The solution simplifies customer support needs and requires little maintenance.

The best aspect of Freshcaller is that you may make and receive calls directly from the browser because it is browser-based.

Freshcaller Features

  • Purchase local and international toll-free numbers

  • Vanity numbers in over 40 countries

  • Real-time call center insights

  • Record and route calls to the right agents

  • Forward calls to mobile numbers

  • Voice mail

RingCentral Contact Center

In order to help organizations manage their client engagement, RingCentral is a complete VoIP call center software system that provides seamless communication.

You may maintain a constant connection with your clients and suppliers by using interactive solutions like workforce management, speech and text analytics, and customer survey programs.

RingCentral Features

  • Cloud-based system with real-time reporting

  • Analytic capabilities

  • Supports build in third-party applications

  • Improved contact center agent performance

  • Virtual hold, call recording and Voice mail routing

  • Chat and co-browse


Ytel is a contact center module and API application that helps businesses increase lead generation and sales by offering a reliable communication solution.

Emailing customers using this call center software is efficient. Companies can employ SMS, call recording, MMS, social media, and campaign reporting on a single platform using its cloud-based solution.

YTel Features

  • SMS messaging service

  • Phone calls that can be directed to voicemail

  • Call tracking, live transfers

  • Message and voice programming

  • Lead nurturing

Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center

The Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center is a fully cloud-based solution that offers social media, email, and SMS handles on a single, streamlined, and user-friendly platform.

Choose the Vocalcom WebRTC, which includes online chat, audio communication, video, and co-browsing services, if you want to get more for your money.

By viewing the past information on a certain customer, its call recording features enable sales employees to provide better customer service.

The nicest thing about this cloud-based VoIP call center software is that you can set it up yourself and make modifications as needed without having to rely on a technical professional.

Vocalcom Features

  • Internal knowledge base

  • Contextual routing in real time

  • Simple call center monitoring services

  • Call and screen recording

  • Social media engagement

Best VoIP Call Center Software in 2022 –


One of the top call center solutions, CalltrackingMetrics, uses call analytics to enhance overall business communication.

Technically speaking, the technology, which promises enhanced performance and a higher return on investment, is a call tracking and marketing management system.

For small and medium-sized enterprises looking to invest in a smooth call center application, it’s the ideal business communication solution.

CallTrackingMetrics Features

  • Keyword spotting

  • Call center services with Geo contact capability

  • Better call security

  • Effective call management system

  • Call tracking

Mitel MiCloud Business

Leading VoIP service provider Mitel Networks provides numerous call center services to different businesses.

Another integrated and user-friendly cloud-based call center solution that’s ideal for small to medium organizations is Mitel MiCloud. For the extra benefit of mobility, it provides efficient cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) connectivity with a mobile application.

Mitel Features

  • Outbound Dialer

  • Queuing and reporting

  • Priority routing

  • PBX features

  • Collaboration

  • Conferencing

  • Call routing

  • Personal agent

  • CRM integration

  • Call recording

Skype for Business

With millions of users throughout the world, Skype is a top communication medium. However, few people are aware that the business provides Skype for Business, a feature-rich VoIP contact center solution.

One of the best and most powerful conference call software applications, it allows seamless integration across a variety of devices.

Skype Features

  • Call Recording

  • Call Routing

  • SIP Phone Support

  • SMS Messaging

  • Software Phone

  • Speed Dial

  • Toll-Free Option

  • Voicemail Transcription

Best VoIP Call Center Software in 2022 -
Best VoIP Call Center Software in 2022 –


Convoso is a user-friendly call center software that is especially created to increase your sales team’s efficiency.

With Convoso, you can drastically increase discussion duration, conversion rate, and leads. It provides a softphone that can be used from any computer, negating the need for high-end gear and computers, making it among the best call center software available right now.

Convoso Features

  • Softphone

  • PBX hosting options

  • Call recording

  • Agent to agent transfer

  • Email

  • Call distribution

  • SMS

Bottom Line

Give your small business a fresh, efficient method to combine all of your marketing and sales efforts onto a single platform. Choose software that effectively meets your company’s demands from our list of the top ten VoIP call center software options.

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