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Businesses can operate a cloud-hosted customer contact center by using contact center software, often known as CCaaS or contact center as a service.

Contact center software offers inbound queueing and routing, outbound dialing, call analytics, and workforce management. It is built on conventional, voice-based call center systems.

To support digital interactions across numerous channels, including SMS, email, and chat, this kind of software extends beyond call center architecture.

Automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), omnichannel assistance, and computer-telephony integrations are typical characteristics of contact center software (CTI).

Support teams frequently utilize contact center software to staff a help line, while sales teams frequently use it for prospecting.

To obtain customer information and to update customer records with the post-action summary, these tools integrate with CRM software programs.

If the product doesn’t already offer that feature natively, they frequently integrate with contact center workforce software, speech analytics software, and contact center quality assurance software solutions.

Unified communications, or UCaaS, functions may be integrated into or included in contact center software.

A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Contact Center category:

  • Offer a contact center service based on the cloud
  • Distribute incoming calls and oversee outgoing call center phone number assignment
  • Establish the framework for managing, placing, and monitoring calls
  • Give call center agents access to many channels, including phone, SMS, email, and chat
  • The ability to manage queues, interactive voice response, intelligent call distribution, and computer-telephony integrations

Include more tools that help call center operations, like labor management, voice analytics, and quality assurance, integrate with CRM software or a business’s record-keeping system.

What is Contact Center Software?

An internet-based facility called a cloud contact center software manages all inbound and outgoing client conversations for a business.

This software solution enables you to provide exceptional customer support over a variety of channels, including voice, SMS, email, and social media. It includes a full spectrum of tools and apps.

Numerous contact centers are still in use today, but they’re using call center software and outdated legacy hardware that can’t keep up with how customers and businesses currently communicate.

Modern alternatives to on-premises contact centers include cloud contact centers, which employ the most recent advancements in communications technology.

Businesses who wish to consistently meet and surpass customers’ service standards might profit greatly from it.

If your company still uses outdated contact center technology, you’re probably suffering from the drawbacks of your setup.

It could be difficult to adjust your fundamental call routing structure or add additional channels (such message, email, chat, social media, or in-app messaging).

You may have implemented one or more cloud solutions, but they are still isolated from the rest of your solutions and are unable to communicate with one another. When your technology is against you, it is challenging to assist customers.

Let’s investigate the primary reasons why virtual call center software merits more examination in order to determine whether switching to the cloud is the correct choice for your contact center.

Compare Contact Center Software

How can you enhance client experiences while maximizing agent efficiency with a cloud contact center software?

Agent performance may suffer from switching between several apps and having to deal with clumsy hardware.

The productivity of call centers, however, changes significantly with current technologies. Call center software equips workers with cutting-edge features like skills-based routing, call monitoring, and predictive dialers to deliver the best possible service.


For businesses that place a premium on their customers, Talkdesk® is the industry leader in the cloud. In our opinion, AI is the first step toward improving consumer experiences.

Our automation-first customer experience solutions streamline the most important customer care procedures for our clients.

Our dedication to ensuring that businesses worldwide can deliver better customer experiences across all industries and via all channels, leading to higher customer happiness and quicker business results, is shown in our innovative speed, deep vertical expertise, and global footprint.

Acxiom, Fujitsu, Hunter Douglas, IBM, Trivago, Tuft & Needle, YMCA, and 2U are just a few of the over 1,800 forward-thinking businesses that work with Talkdesk to provide a better route to exceptional customer experience.

Talkdesk provides Talkdesk CX Cloud, Talkdesk Industry Experience Clouds, and Talkdesk Phone on a single platform for a unified, smooth, and integrated customer experience journey.

Talkdesk CX CloudTM offers previously unheard-of benefits of speed, agility, dependability, and security by fusing enterprise scale with consumer simplicity.

We provide Talkdesk industry Experience CloudsTM in addition to our flagship CX Cloud, which are designed specifically to satisfy the demands of vertical sectors to enhance CX and produce industry-specific business results.

We provide the first and only company phone system that is natively built on a top cloud contact center platform, which lowers expenses and gives hybrid workforces a better method to provide excellent customer service.


The leading provider of cloud contact center software and the top cloud platform for the customer experience is NICE (previously NICE inContact).

On an Open Cloud Foundation, NICE CXoneTM integrates industry-leading Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.

By acting more intelligently and swiftly in response to customer demands, NICE’s technology equips businesses to deliver excellent customer experiences.

The vast partner ecosystem of NICE’s DEVone developer program offers CXexchange applications from partners that are created to interface with NICE CXone.

The most reputable industry analyst companies acknowledge NICE as a market leader.


Best Contact Center Software 02
Best Contact Center Software

Genesys Cloud CX

Although customer interactions might be complicated, this does not necessarily make them challenging. Making customer interactions simple is Genesys Cloud CXTM.

The Genesys Cloud CXTM solution, which was created to handle any channel and follow the discussion everywhere, combines calls, emails, chats, and social media comments into a single conversation.

Link up with clients Genesys Cloud CXTM makes connecting with consumers across channels simple and gives you all the information you need to provide more individualized experiences and foster deeper relationships.

Strengthen Your Teams Give your staff the knowledge they require in a tool they will like using. Get a comprehensive application designed to motivate your staff and improve team performance.

Recognize Your Business No matter where your agents are situated or which channels they handle, Genesys Cloud CXTM offers the information you need to manage your business with real-time dashboards and up-to-the-minute statistics.

Our highly acclaimed software is easy to use, deploys in a matter of days, and receives weekly upgrades to stay innovative.

Use the platform as a standalone application, quickly add hundreds of standard connectors, or personalize it to suit your needs. Genesys Cloud CXTM is designed with people and change in mind.


The preferred cloud-based phone system for contemporary brands is Aircall. We assist sales and support teams with 3+ users in communicating simply and effectively by easily integrating with the most common CRM and Helpdesk applications.

Administrators may scale their staff based on seasonality, add data from more than 100 countries instantaneously, and receive profound insights through real-time analytics.

Over 7000 businesses around the world rely on Aircall, which is accessible via PC and mobile app. Try Aircall risk-free today to see how it works.


With more than 2,000 clients globally and the ability to handle more than five billion call minutes annually, Five9 is a top provider of cloud contact center software.

In order to create a more conversational service experience while lowering service costs, our best-in-class AI automates interactions and supports your live agents.

It’s like having a completely new, multilingual crew that streamlines your most important business processes and speaks hundreds of different languages.


The contact center is being reimagined by UJET for contemporary customers and brands. A brand-new basis for security, dependability, and scale across customer service operations is provided by our one-of-a-kind architecture.

To make life easier for everyone involved – from customers and agents to supervisors and executives – as well as provide significant operational efficiencies, a full voice and digital interaction suite is complimented by powerful AI and sophisticated analytics capabilities.

When you’re ready, you can add smart device features like channel mixing, photo and video sharing, and biometric verification for a complete CX makeover.

No of their size or location, cutting-edge firms like Instacart, Turo, Wag!, and Atom Tickets rely on UJET to provide great CX. You too can. Visit to learn more.


Rather of focusing on tickets or cases, Gladly offers a customer service platform that engages customers.

Only Gladly is created with people at the core and uniquely enables a single lifelong customer interaction across all channels, in contrast to legacy customer support solutions that are case-centric.

By switching to an all-in-one customer service solution, Gladly enables some of the most cutting-edge consumer companies like Crate & Barrel, REI, Warby Parker, and TUMI to provide exceptional customer experiences, increase contact center generated revenue by up to 10%, and cut technology costs by up to 40%.


For sales and support teams, CloudTalk is a simple cloud-based phone system. It is utilized by SMEs, startups, scale-ups, and eCommerce businesses to enhance teamwork and consumer experiences.

CloudTalk offers more than 50 cutting-edge calling capabilities to help with this. As a result of CloudTalk’s easy integration with popular technologies (such CRM, Helpdesk, or e-commerce platforms, etc.), businesses are better able to provide first-rate client experiences, which increases their profitability.

1000+ satisfied users from companies like DHL, Electronic Star, and Kärcher use Cloudtalk. Start with a 14-day free trial (no credit card needed) to experience CloudTalk for yourself.

Best Contact Center Software
Best Contact Center Software

What is Contact Center Operations Software?

Every day, thousands of companies interact with customers on the phone to increase brand recognition and boost sales.

In addition, a lot of customer service activities depend on incoming and outgoing phone calls. Without the use of hardware or additional technical assistance, contact center technology enables organizations to create digital platforms to track these interactions.

With the help of technologies like automated call routing and call center analytics, businesses can manage contact center operations and streamline customer dialogues.

Contact center platforms enable voice chats between client phone lines without internal telephone networks, much as VoIP providers.

In certain instances, these platforms interact with other technologies to allow customer service personnel to manage numerous channels through a single stream.

Numerous platforms link with systems like customer relationship management (CRM) software, allowing call center agents to dial customers straight from their profiles and users to instantly update their profiles with call-related data.

The customer experience of sales and support communications is optimized by these systems.

Key Benefits of Contact Center Operations Software

  • Centralizes consumer interactions over the phone on a digital platform
  • Calls are scheduled and assigned based on the configurations of a particular company.
  • Decreases the demand for manual phone operations and landline networks
  • Streamlines call center processes to increase effectiveness, financial results, and client satisfaction

Why Use Contact Center Operations Software?

Making or taking customer calls is a crucial part of running a business in a variety of sectors.

It can become a daunting experience depending on the size and organizational structure of the company: Calls can be dropped, the customer line can get excessively long, and crucial information can slip through the cracks.

These solutions provide ways to keep internal teams productive and organized while ensuring a great customer experience.

Businesses can handle a higher contact volume, enhance team effectiveness, and direct the flow of client discussions when these solutions are correctly deployed.

The functionality of these systems varies from product to product, but for any team that conducts regular phone calls, these platforms assist in offering a central hub that organizes workflows and makes sure calls are handled effectively.

Numerous platforms provide cutting-edge features that modernize call-based operations, lighten the workload for staff, and help with repetitive activities.

These technologies improve the call-based interaction between clients and staff while facilitating speedy deal closing and problem resolution.

Who Uses Contact Center Operations Software?

The products in this category are designed for corporate teams who handle and manage consumer phone conversations. The following people use this software frequently.

Call center agents: Customer outreach is a critical component of the business models of many sales and marketing departments.

This frequently involves a dedicated call center crew reaching out to potential clients one-on-one. The software in this category can be used by managers and call center agents to map out workflows and automate repetitive tasks linked to calls.

Contact center operations tools assist teams in carrying out their tasks from beginning to end, from assigning the appropriate agent and scheduling calls for best results to recording calls and tracking their outcomes.

These techniques guarantee a better customer experience and enhance the results of cold calls.

Service teams – A lot of customer service software is available to assist service teams in resolving customer experience issues.

For the voice-based portion of these departments, contact center operations systems can offer a solid foundation, ensuring that customer complaints are routed to the appropriate staff members and tracked through to resolution.

Omnichannel customer support, which enables support staff in the modern era to collect feedback and client inquiries from numerous sources, is frequently needed.

The majority of the tools in this category provide voice-based conversations, but many also incorporate or combine with other technologies to give service team members a smooth and efficient workflow.

Specialists in customer success — Customer success is a new business concept that focuses on fostering client connections and helping clients achieve their goals.

Depending on the business, customer success managers and specialists go by different names, but they all have the same goal.

These staff members follow up with consumers to learn about their experiences, enquire about the good or service, and offer insightful recommendations to enhance and sustain the customer experience.

At key junctures in the customer journey, these professionals frequently call consumers to thoroughly check in with them.

The products in this category support these customer success initiatives by giving them structure, ensuring that calls are handled correctly, and collecting vital information about each customer experience for use by other departments of the company.

Contact Center Operations Software Features

The following are typical characteristics people could come across when looking into the various solutions in this area.

Call center processes, employees in departments that deal with a lot of phone calls may have numerous positions with a variety of specializations and levels of skill.

When answering consumer phone calls, it’s frequently necessary to designate particular clients or situations to particular personnel who are most suited for the job.

Customers may frequently need to be pointed toward another worker or division. Numerous products in this category assist in mapping workflows so that calls are handled by the appropriate person at the appropriate time.

In addition to intelligent routing or queueing tools to reroute calls to the proper team member at specific moments in a discussion, this may incorporate automated assignments based on customer or issue information.

If an employee has a backlog of incoming calls, they may solicit assistance from other team members or turn to voicemail and call-return services.

With the use of interactive voice response (IVR) software, some of the solutions in this category can control the volume of incoming calls.

IVR features enable customers to be routed correctly depending on their voice answers to automated messages once administrators have enabled them.

By giving staff access to basic information, this feature streamlines the call process for businesses and helps them collect and organize client data.

Analytics for call centers — It’s crucial for team managers to measure call center activity in order to identify staffing needs and the overall call strategy.

These platforms provide a range of metrics, including information on call length, topics discussed, and call scenario results.

All of this information is useful for call center businesses or those who have a specialized call center crew.

Managers can adjust their call scripts and marketing strategies when they detect low success metrics by using contact center efficiency data to assist them allocate resources and train staff for the best results.

Furthermore, phone discussions with customers frequently produce fresh exportable customer data that can be used when making important decisions.

This might cover everything from product and marketing strategy to potential future sales interactions.

Software and Services Related to Contact Center Operations Software

The following solutions help organizations serve their customers, generate income, and maximize engagement. They are related to contact center operational tools.

Software for ensuring the quality of contact centers is available, and it may be used to monitor both the overall and individual performance of call center operations.

Though relevant analytics features are offered by contact center operations platforms, contact center tools are designed specifically for this purpose and produce a wide range of related data.

With the use of these technologies, call center managers are frequently able to provide agents with individualized feedback or coaching sessions that will help them work more effectively and strategically in order to increase business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Operations technology and contact center quality assurance products go hand in hand, assisting organizations in continuously enhancing their call-based activities.

Software for help desks — Through one or more channels, help desk software enables users to create assistance tickets.

Once customer service teams get these tickets, they may quickly address the underlying problems and get in touch with the appropriate customers to update them on the results.

Unfortunately, due to the intricacy of the problem or the capacity of the support personnel, many difficulties cannot be resolved during a live voice call.

Tools for help desks enable firms to respond after a problem has been resolved and to handle issues as they arise.

These goods frequently produce useful information about customers and customer problems; this information may be utilized to guide business strategy and gradually enhance the good or service. These analytics are helpful for determining the service team’s strengths and limitations.

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