InícioClickUp SoftwareClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022

ClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022

ClickUp is a task list and project management app for businesses and individuals looking to improve their internal processes.

Users can set up task dependencies and link tasks to keep track of if progress is being stymied by another team member.


  • It’s simple to identify tasks that have been blocked
  • Interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Views of the task list and Kanban


  • PM newbies may be confused by multiple layouts
  • The free plan has a storage limit of 100MB

ClickUp at a Glance

Best for: Businesses looking for a project management tool with straightforward premium pricing.

Task and project management with goal tracking are two of the most common applications.
Monthly cost: $5-$9 per user

On the free plan, you get 100MB of storage. On the full plan, you have unlimited access.

30 day free trial

Features and Functionality

Clickup for project management

Users can organize their projects using Clickup into task lists with nested subtasks or Kanban style boards.

Each user can create a number of places to store information about their projects. Individual tasks can also be filtered based on their status, and subtasks can be hidden or shown to prevent visual clutter.

Users can also opt to see their task list in the following ways:

  • It’s a calendar. This view places tasks on top of a regular calendar
  • A map of the area. If addresses are added to tasks, they can be plotted on a map to highlight where action is required
  • A Gantt chart is a diagram that shows the progress of a project
  • Managers may easily visualize dependencies and estimated completion dates using this standard ClickUp project management charting approach
  • Charts produced by Boxx
  • Mind maps are visual representations of ideas
  • Timelines

The embed capability can also be used to bring content from other websites into the planning view.

Task Dependencies

If colleagues are causing delays in users’ workflows, Clickup makes it simple for team members to communicate what is causing the delay. Users can do the following:

  • Tasks for “waiting on” should be added. Users can link tasks together if they are waiting for other tasks to finish before they can start this one.
  • Blockers should be added. This can be signaled if users are unable to advance because they are blocked by an unfinished task. After then, project managers can focus on freeing up resources.

Even though jobs are not blocking each other, links can be built between them to indicate dependency. These will be reflected in charting outputs automatically.

Custom Statuses

Because no two businesses have the same internal processes, Clickup makes it simple to create custom statuses for each project.

These can be completely customized statuses, or users can select from pre-made templates for specific functions. “In process,” “running,” and “in review” are just a few of the marketing statuses template alternatives.

ClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022
ClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022

Clickup Collaboration Tools

Sidebar Widget View

Clickup allows for live, in-the-moment collaboration. Users can also filter project tasks based on who is in charge of them.

The tool populates users’ avatars in the People Sidebar to make this simple. Managers and other users can view the tasks that a person is currently responsible for by clicking on their headshot.

Visualizer of Workload

Not sure who on your team has too much on their plate and who might be willing to take on assigned projects?

The Workflow Chart feature in ClickUp project management makes it simple to see how busy each of your project resources is. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping projects to assign extra duties to team members.

Assignees and Watchers

Organizations can significantly reduce the volume of email that circulates inside their departments by using Clickup.

Instead than needing to email a team member for their opinion on a project, users can just use the @ symbol followed by their username to tag that team member.

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Users can also be added to tasks as observers rather than assignees. These team members will be notified as the project advances, but they will not be recognized as responsible for the task’s execution in the system.

Plans and Pricing Clickup

ClickUp is a free tier that allows users to create unlimited users and tasks, but total storage is restricted to 100MB and users can only create 5 project spaces.

The company offers two subscription tiers: Unlimited and Business, as well as a custom-quoted tier for big, enterprise-scale user groups.

The Business tier, which costs $9 per month per member, allows users to add up to 10 guests to the system, whereas the Unlimited tier only allows for five.

Users may also personalize the platform’s appearance and feel to match their branding guidelines, and they get 10,000 automations each month with the Business tier.

ClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022
ClickUp Project Management Software Review 2022


ClickUp software has put a lot of effort into developing a diverse set of apps for just about every platform imaginable.

To begin, users can use the utility via its web UI by simply opening a web browser and entering the software’s URL.

Clickup also offers desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. Apps for Alexa and Google Home are also available, as well as a Chrome extension and a Gmail plugin.

Data Privacy

At rest, all data supplied to ClickUp is encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm. ClickUp’s infrastructure is likewise hosted in a redundant and secure environment. A firewall and other security mechanisms protect data saved in ClickUp.

Customer Service and Support

ClickUp provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. The company has a demo available to see, as well as a large documentation library with everything from use case examples to feature and integration guidelines.

Bottom Line

Clickup is a highly scalable and reliable project management platform for businesses of all sizes. It enables project managers to visualize project status in a variety of ways, as well as facilitate workload balancing and cooperation.

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