Início Reviews Compare Akeyless Vault Platform and Dell Data Protection

Compare Akeyless Vault Platform and Dell Data Protection

Using preference information from user evaluations, compare Akeyless Vault Platform with Dell Data Protection side by side.

With 40 reviews, Akeyless Vault Platform has a rating of 4.6/5. In contrast, Dell Data Protection has 14 reviews and a rating of 4.4/5.

To assist you in choosing between these two options and determining which one is ideal for your business needs, the scores for each product are computed using real-time information from verified customer reviews.

Akeyless Vault Platform vs Dell Data Protection

Reviewers judged Akeyless Vault Platform to be overall easier to use and conduct business with when comparing the two systems.

Reviewers did note that Dell Data Protection was simpler to set up, though. Each product was equally simple to use.

Reviewers believed that Dell Data Protection and Akeyless Vault Platform better met their needs as a business.

Reviewers believed that Akeyless Vault Platform is the best choice when considering the standard of continuous product support.

Our reviewers liked the approach of Akeyless Vault Platform over Dell Data Protection in terms of product upgrades and roadmaps.

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What is Akeyless Vault Platform?

The Akeyless Vault Platform is a comprehensive, SaaS-based service that enables enterprises to adopt DevOps, Cloud Transformation, and Zero-Trust Access projects quickly and securely.

It offers a complete, unified platform to control, manage, and safeguard all kinds of Secrets while completely safeguarding Access.

In hybrid, multi-cloud, and legacy settings, it covers all use cases. Full visibility into Secrets usage and in-depth analytics are made possible by Akeyless Vault Platform, which are essential for adhering to various security standards and maintaining security controls.

• Secrets Management – use a secure vault for credentials, tokens, API-Keys, and passwords to automate managing secrets across your DevOps tools and cloud platforms.

• Secure Remote Access – protect your applications and infrastructure by turning on unified authentication and temporary just-in-time access rights.

• Data Protection – By using superior app-level encryption and tokenization services, you can safeguard your sensitive personal and business data.

Dell Data Protection Reviews & Product Details

What is Dell Data Protection?

Dell Data Protection provides complete data security solutions with excellent manageability.

Seller Details
Seller: Dell
Company Website
Phone: 1-800-WWW-DELL
HQ Location: Round Rock, TX
Twitter: @Dell

800,909 Twitter followers

LinkedIn® Page:

174,501 employees on LinkedIn®


In order to make technology more accessible and inexpensive worldwide, Dell has been instrumental.

Dell continues to revolutionize computing as a provider of end-to-end computing solutions, and it offers excellent products that enable people all over the world to do more.

Compare Akeyless Vault Platform and Dell Data Protection

Dell Data Protection – Reviews

Melhem S. – London

What do you enjoy the most?

When you have large databases, your networker will shine. Exchange, SQL, and Oracle. For your mission-critical databases, you will be able to execute database backups every few minutes when used in conjunction with DataDomain.

Another excellent point is how simple granular restorations are. transferring an email from a mailbox, an Active Directory record, a SQL database table, or both.

What are you opposed to?

The sensitivity of Networker to environmental changes is one of its main problems. Backups may not succeed if you add a node to a cluster or make a pointless modification to a database server.

Every day, the administrator must check the jobs. Several times each day for some backups.

Advice for those who are contemplating the product:

Avamar and Networker can coexist in the same environment, and both can be managed by DPC. Use Networker for all other backups, and Avamar for VMware and DTLT backups.

What issues is the product addressing, and how does that help you?

If combined with DataDomain and the data is stored on a DellEMC storage with snapshot capability, faster and better backups for Oracle and file servers are possible.

Jon H. – California – US

What do you enjoy the most?

All the data on my laptop is superbly protected by Dell Data Protection. The data encryption is effective!

What are you opposed to?

There just aren’t any drawbacks that come to mind.

Advice for those who are contemplating the product:

Use it! We want to roll it out for our other staff members starting next week because Dell makes it simple to install and utilize.

What issues is the product addressing, and how does that help you?

Ensuring the security of all the data on our systems.

Cem Y. – New York – US

What do you enjoy the most?

The dashboard for compliance reporting is excellent because it gives a brief summary of endpoint compliance.

What are you opposed to?

On older systems, this program is quite demanding, especially when it performs the initial encryption pass of the entire drive.

What issues is the product addressing, and how does that help you?

With this software, we have been able to comply with HIPAA for our entire fleet of workstations.

Tony L. – Texas – US

What do you enjoy the most?

The fact that everything I need to manage an endpoint with DDP is in one location is its best feature. When I install the software on the client and direct it toward the server, it takes care of everything automatically.

What are you opposed to?

Endpoints locked up by DDP frequently require my physical possession in order to be unlocked using recovery keys through a PE environment.

Advice for those who are contemplating the product:

Check this out first on test endpoints. Do not adopt it as your own. Get the cloud version as well.

What issues is the product addressing, and how does that help you?

Hard drive encryption is necessary for HIPAA compliance. Without it, if computers were lost or stolen, potential patient data may be easily exposed.

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