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Find the best Inbound Call Tracking Software

Inbound call tracking software assigns sources to inbound phone calls. Organizations may track which sources are producing the most calls by creating different local and 1-800 numbers for advertisements, website locations, and pay-per-click campaigns and keywords.

Furthermore, complex call routing and interactive voice response systems are frequently included in products to qualify leads and give more detailed reporting.

Marketing teams typically utilize Inbound call tracking products to help measure the success of various marketing campaigns.

To include offline conversion in overall funnels, inbound call tracking technologies interact with digital analytics and digital advertising tools. They can also be used in conjunction with CRM software to effectively log and track leads.

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Inbound Call Tracking category:

  • Create distinct numbers for various advertising efforts
  • Based on unique numbers, you may track which campaign individual calls are coming from

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking software can be used to tackle a variety of business difficulties that marketing and sales teams face on a regular basis.

Inbound call tracking software assigns sources to incoming phone calls, allowing organizations to track which sources generate the most calls.

This is beneficial to marketing teams since these systems give them additional information about the success (or failure) of individual advertisements and campaigns.

Call routing and interactive voice response systems (IVRs) are common features of inbound call monitoring software, which assist qualify leads and offer thorough reporting to managers.

  • The Most Important Advantages of Inbound Call Tracking Software
  • Monitors the origins of incoming phone leads
  • Reports on the success of both offline and online advertising strategies that result in offline conversions
  • Develops a more comprehensive picture of how people learn about your brand and interact with it
  • Optimizes conversions in order to create a more powerful and effective marketing plan

Why Use Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking is an unneeded consideration for a number of firms. For example, family-owned retail establishments may not have the appropriate call traffic to support such a system.

These software solutions could potentially deepen your understanding of your audience and lead to improvements across your entire organization, including but not limited to an optimized sales approach and more closed deals, if you run a business with a significant number of inbound calls, especially those related to marketing efforts.

Call tracking accuracy, budgeting, and reporting and forecasting were three of the most critical business challenges solved by incoming call tracking software, according to user ratings on G2.

Call tracking accuracy – Many marketing and sales procedures rely on accurately identifying the source of calls.

The information acquired by inbound call tracking software is used to gauge the quality of prospects and leads. The advantages of using inbound call monitoring software are obvious because lead quality accuracy is reliant on the quality of the information stored.

Inbound call tracking software, according to reviewers, accurately represents where calls originate, allowing marketing and sales teams to better track leads and conversions.

This includes automated call routing, call recording, and interactive voice response (IVR) technologies, all of which help qualify leads and establish their value.

Budgeting – Knowing how effective marketing campaigns and advertising are can help firms save money and grow.

When it comes to budgeting ad spend and marketing money, knowing what works and what doesn’t may be quite helpful to advertising and marketing teams.

Users see the significance of inbound call tracking from a financial standpoint, since the program can indicate how marketing efforts affect potential prospects and leads.

Companies can get the whole picture of how offline and online efforts lead to conversions thanks to the reporting insights provided by these technologies.

Reporting and forecasting — Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is a feature that many incoming call tracking solutions offer to make tracking more precise and accurate.

This procedure entails automatically placing a campaign number into a live online advertisement or anywhere on a website where a phone number appears. This allows businesses to see who has visited their site and when they did so.

DNIs, according to reviewers, are useful for reporting on lead sources and projecting the effectiveness of future initiatives. This allows marketers and sales professionals to zero in on prospects with high value, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.

Other Advantages

Inbound call tracking software assigns sources to incoming phone calls, allowing businesses to trace them.

This aids marketing teams by offering additional information about effective commercials and campaigns. As a result, it’s easier to budget for advertising, raise brand awareness, and qualify leads.

The following are some of the other advantages of inbound call tracking software:

  • Creating a more efficient marketing plan
  • Increasing ROI and lowering cost-per-lead (CPL)
  • Leads are stored in CRM software for convenient access.
  • Increasing engagement and ensuring accuracy
The best Inbound Call Tracking Software
The best Inbound Call Tracking Software

Who Uses Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking solution providers frequently specialize in certain telecommunications requirements and create additional features and capabilities that users require.

Call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording are some of the services available.

Such characteristics can substantially benefit sales and marketing activities.

After a campaign, like an inbound marketing campaign, goes live, a tracking platform can help analyze the phone calls from customers, provide detailed tracking data, and keep an eye on the campaign’s lifecycle to figure out the final conversion rates and effectiveness of different ads and marketing channels.

These evaluations can help you refine your company’s entire marketing strategy and transfer the best leads to members of your sales team, who can subsequently nurture these connections and enhance revenue.

These platforms can also be used by contact centers and customer service agents to supplement existing contact center infrastructure software and expand the capabilities of the company’s inbound call center.

Users can communicate with sales or marketing teams about customer opportunities, comments, and useful insights gleaned from phone calls, in addition to enhancing call data and optimizing operations.

Inbound Call Tracking Software Features

Providers of call tracking solutions specialize in a variety of telecommunications requirements and provide features and capabilities that users may require.

Inbound phone call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording are just a few of the options.

Examine how a more robust and automated customer-interaction system could benefit your business, then find out which providers offer the capabilities you require.

You can decide whether an inbound call tracking system is worth the investment after you’ve determined the benefits and must-haves.

The easiest approach to learn all about a platform’s features is to go to the vendor’s website and contact them or book a demo.

Here are a few important components you may encounter and how they might help your company.

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Analytics – These tools’ real-time reporting transforms routine phone conversations into gold mines of data that can help your marketing efforts.

These platforms will inform you much more than the phone numbers of your phone calls if a potential consumer phones your business in response to one of your advertising or calls-to-action (CTA).

You can find out whether a possible buyer noticed your ad on social media or via another source, for example.

From a variety of viewpoints, you can collect geographical data, referral sources, and over time, insights into the effectiveness of your marketing plan and phone calls.

Each tool in the category has a different set of features and may prioritize certain data over others, so do your homework when choosing an inbound monitoring solution for your team’s specific goals or needs.

Many call monitoring solutions offer dynamic number insertion (DNI) as a technique to make tracking more comprehensive and accurate.

DNI allows businesses to track a visitor’s source even after they’ve visited your site to learn more about you. Discuss with vendors whether they offer DNI and how your company will need to deploy it for this degree of accuracy.

Call tracking suppliers typically offer agency packages with group registration pricing and centralized customer portals because many marketing agencies relicense call tracking software for their customers.

Keep an eye out for these bargains if you’re shopping for software for an agency. If you’re an in-house marketer, keep in mind that certain suppliers target agencies more than other firms as possible customers, so a vendor with a history with in-house marketing teams may offer you better rates and service.

Integrations of digital advertising — Call tracking can be used to track conversions from a variety of different sources, including outdoor advertising, leaflets, events, and television ads.

However, determining which internet sources are driving offline conversions is a popular use of call tracking. An active interaction with digital advertising software makes it simple to assign DNI numbers to campaigns and report on conversions from all sources and types.

This could include tracking against various ads as well as tracking against individual search keywords—the ability to do so varies by product.

Additional Inbound Call Tracking Features

Interactive voice response (IVR): Interactive voice response (IVR) makes it easier for callers to get where they want to go by giving them a menu of options that can be activated by voice commands or by entering numbers on a dial pad.

Click-to-call is a type of communication where voice conversations are started by clicking on a link or filling out a web form.

This is especially clear when it comes to mobile search and mobile advertising. These conversations need to be kept track of in a good way. Inbound call tracking tools can help set up click-to-call conversations, receive them, and analyze them.

Find the best Inbound Call Tracking Software
Find the best Inbound Call Tracking Software

Compare Inbound Call Tracking Software

Have you ever asked a caller, “How did you hear about our company?” You’ll know before you pick up the phone with Call Tracking.

Even better, you’ll have detailed data on which ads, campaigns, or search terms prompt your top prospects to contact you, allowing you to put more money into the marketing that propels your company forward.

So, check out our list of the best Inbound Call Tracking Software providers:


CallRail makes it simple for companies of all sizes to convert more leads into more profitable clients.

Our marketing analytics and business communications solutions, which serve over 200,000 organizations and integrate with major marketing and sales tools, provide real-time information that let our customers market with confidence.


Invoca is the global leader in AI-powered conversation intelligence for revenue teams, allowing marketing, sales, customer experience, and eCommerce teams to comprehend and act on the data that customers share through conversations.

Revenue teams can turn conversation data into automated action to improve every digital touchpoint and human engagement, resulting to better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue, thanks to extensive integrations with top technology platforms.

Top companies including Dish Network, Mayo Clinic, Mutual of Omaha, and 1-800-GOT-JUNK? rely on Invoca. Visit for additional details.

Revenue provides real-time guidance to high-performing teams. helps customers like HPE, Nutanix, and AWS provide predictable outcomes and optimize their whole revenue operation by revealing and proposing what works best., which was founded in 2013, is based in Los Angeles and is supported by Goldman Sachs, Bryant Stibel, and Palisades Capital. Visit for additional information.


CallTrackingMetrics is a global conversation analytics company that gives marketers the information they need to make informed strategy decisions.

The Washington Post, Verizon Connect, and ServiceMaster are among the 100,000 users who rely on CTM to make data-driven advertising decisions.

Google Ads and Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoom, and Facebook are just a few of the tools that CTM interacts with. Todd and Laure Fisher, the company’s husband and wife founders, are still in charge of CTM, which was one of the first call tracking companies.

Year after year, prominent software publications like G2 and Capterra acknowledge CallTrackingMetrics as industry leaders, and the company is frequently recognized for its growth and innovative culture.

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Salesken is a conversational intelligence platform that enables sales teams to increase their performance while lowering acquisition costs.

The application provides real-time indications to sales people during their conversations, allowing them to better engage their customers. Managers and sales staff can see every call through complete Call Analytics, which includes emotions, objections, and intent.

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