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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most effective social selling platforms available, yet most teams aren’t using it to its full potential.

We’re seeing just about 20-30% uptake in our clients on average, and even many power users aren’t taking advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s amazing potential.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a large investment with high expectations of a significant return on investment.

And, with the correct program in place, the return on investment can far exceed even those lofty goals.

It is the responsibility of management to guarantee that their staff is not distracted by spontaneous acts of social media, but is instead equipped with a daily sales activity plan and templates that are aligned with your KPIs.

The number of sales channels continues to grow. There was ranting in the town square first, followed by letters, phone calls, and then email.

Now? Social networking, particularly LinkedIn, has emerged as the newest mode of communication to make its way onto every sales rep’s to-do list.

We’ll look into LinkedIn Sales Navigator in this article so you can better understand how to include it into your sales process.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many people consider LinkedIn to be a free social networking platform similar to Facebook and Instagram. To some extent, this is correct.

However, LinkedIn offers a number of premium services aimed at a variety of professionals, including recruiters, sales reps, and job searchers.

LinkedIn’s paid sales product is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In a nutshell, it gives salespeople the tools they need to conduct complex searches and connect to CRMs.

Users can also send messages to persons who aren’t in their network using Sales Navigator’s InMail feature. For cold outreach initiatives, this is a huge benefit.

LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Premium, another of the company’s paid solutions, is still pretty widely known by LinkedIn users, despite the fact that LinkedIn is generally considered as a free site.

LinkedIn Premium, on the other hand, should not be confused with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as the two are extremely distinct.

There are two types of LinkedIn Premium: Career and Business. Both editions come with LinkedIn Learning courses, as well as the ability to see who has viewed your profile and access to InMail.

Career is geared toward job seekers and involves interview preparation. Businesses can maintain track of their competitors with the help of business insights.

Sales Navigator, on the other hand, focuses on sales and includes features like sophisticated search and CRM connection.

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

LinkedIn offers three different Sales Navigator plans, each with its own set of features and pricing. Each tier is designed for a specific use case, so you’ll have to figure out which one best suits your requirements.

The following characteristics are included in all three plans:

  • Unlimited searches, up to 15 saved searches, and the option to see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days are all available to you.
  • Every week, you’ll receive 15 saved search alerts.
  • Sales highlights and advanced search
  • There are no limits to the number of leads and accounts you can recommend, as well as your sales preferences.
  • The Sales Navigator mobile app with the Outlook web integration
  • Per search, 2,500 profiles are presented.

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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022 -
How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022 –

The following are the features available in each of the three tiers:

Sales Navigator Professional


  • Access to job seeker and LinkedIn Learning
  • 20 free InMail messages per month

Pricing: $99/user/month or $79.99/user/month billed annually at $959.88/user/year

Sales Navigator Team


  • There are no seating or user limits.
  • Free trials for up to ten people are available.
  • Per seat, up to 10,000 leads can be saved.
  • Each seat gets 30 free InMail messages each month.
  • Access to TeamLink
  • Reporting on use
  • Data from Salesforce accounts and leads can be imported.
  • Integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Per month, each seat receives 25 profile unlock credits.
  • Countless Smart Links

$149 per user per month or $108.33 per user per month payable annually at $1,300 per user per year

Sales Navigator Enterprise


  • There are no restrictions on the number of seats available.
  • Per month, each seat gets 50 free InMail messages.
  • 10,000 leads were saved.
  • Access to TeamLink
  • Extend access to TeamLink
  • Reporting on use
  • Data from Salesforce accounts and leads can be imported.
  • Integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Per month, each seat gets 25 profile unlocks.
  • Single Sign-On and Employee Directory Integration are among the advanced admin features.
  • Countless Smart Links

Custom pricing is available. For a quote, contact LinkedIn directly.

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to its full potential, like any tool, will take time and practice. These steps, on the other hand, will have you up and running quickly.

Begin with the Risk-Free Trial

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s free trial offer before investing in Sales Navigator. This will give you some time to experiment with the features and determine whether or not this is a tool worth investing in.

The trial is for 30 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to try it out and see if it’s right for you.

Create a Sales Navigator account and set up your preferences

When you join up for Sales Navigator, you’ll have the option of customizing your account. Start by adding some LinkedIn friends as leads to follow, identifying some firms you’d like to keep an eye on, and defining your expertise and geographic region.

You may also connect any additional connections you want to use, sync your CRM, and set up TeamLink.

Get Familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features

You’ll spend the majority of your time on Sales Navigator on four pages: advanced search, lead lists, account lists, and Discover.

The advanced search page can be used to conduct highly specific searches. The following are some of the filters you can use:

People search:

  • the scale of the business
  • Type of business (public, non-profit, etc.)
  • Function
  • Industry
  • level of seniority
  • Years with current employer
  • Leads that have been mentioned in the media
  • Leaders who have recently changed jobs
  • Leads who have been active on LinkedIn recently

Search for a company:

  • The number of employees in the company is increasing.
  • Profitability of the business
  • the scale of the business
  • Fortune (listed on the Fortune 50, 100, and 500 lists)
  • The location of the corporate headquarters
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn
  • Recent changes in top leadership

All of the leads and accounts you’ve saved to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account will be displayed on the lead and accounts listings pages.

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022 -
How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022 –

Automated Lead Generation

With its automated recommendations, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes identifying new leads a breeze. LinkedIn uses your sales preferences, saved leads, and other information to recommend prospects to you.

This is especially handy when sales staff are having problems obtaining prospects and need to expand their search.

Tag Your Prospects

Your sales process might quickly spiral out of control if you aren’t organized, slowing you down. With labeling and notes, Sales Navigator makes it easy for reps to keep track of their leads.

You may use these tags and notes to keep track of who is involved in each deal, scribble down specific traits and information about each lead, and whatever else comes to mind.

Searches can be saved to save time

You’re unlikely to launch Sales Navigator and conduct a completely fresh search each time. Instead, you’ll probably merely check for updates on the same few search phrases on a regular basis.

Sales Navigator, thankfully, allows you to save your searches so you may check for new leads without having to re-enter your search parameters every time.

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