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Skype vs Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a great adaptation for the work environment of the ever popular video and voice call tool Skype.

Let’s look at the basics. If you’ve downloaded Office 365 you’ll already have it. So go to your applications search under S and open it up.

The first thing you need to do is to set up the audio and video open the tools icon here.

Difference between Skype and Skype for Business

I want to show you the differences between Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Skype for business.

Now there’s quite a few different things about the regular Skype that everyone uses for free products.

You can actually buy phone numbers and have a Skype phone number which is fantastic.

I have one for my business and you not only can you buy one for your local area but you can buy them all around the world depending on where they’re located.

And if they are available to you. Now while you have to pay for the Skype phone number you also have to pay for credit as well or particular plan so that you can use so you can actually dial out to different places around the world.

My plan for my business allows me to dial any local number across Australia for a very low price.

Skype for Business
Skype for Business

Basically the phone numbers costing me one hundred dollars for the year and then I’ve got an extra plan that I pay for that allows me to dial out anywhere across Australia as long as their local numbers were there was something else.

Oh to any STV location I can call for free within the Scott plan that I have which is great.

My Skype for Business can have up to 10 people on a group call on video as well which is awesome.

But this club for business plan allows me to do a little bit more so not only can I have the same things that I do on regular Skype.

But I can actually do better things with Skype for business now because I have this open over here I can search for people on Skype for Business.

Who I may want to add later on I can put them into my contacts list and still call them through Skype for Business and vice versa.

How to use conferencing with Skype for Business

Skype for Business
Skype for Business

I can also do web conferencing with Skype for Business, so if I wanted to meet now for example I can use my computer audio I can have it call my phone or I can just join it altogether.

Okay button. It now shows me in the coal but not only can I be in a call with other people I can present a presentation I can be on camera I can also add people into the conference.

Not only can they joined by a web link but they can also join via phone number as well.

So as long as I give them the phone number to dial in they can dial in as per normal in Skype for Business.

But there’s a little bit of a cost for that as well. So if you want the Web conferencing product you have to pay for that and there’s some extra cost I think with PGI.

It cost me I think 40 dollars a month over twelve months so it’s not bad but it’s a pretty good product. I’ve used this quite a lot for a lot of business calls.

The other thing that you can do with Scott for a business is you can have skype phone numbers as well.

However this is not available in Australia yet. And when it does come I will show you how to connect it all up and get it all working but that’s all I wanted to show you right now for Skype for Business.

There are other products available that allow you to do web conferencing as well.

But the good thing with Skype for Business is Scott for business is that you can actually do Skype meaning broadcast then all you have to do is go to broadcast.

Skype for Business dot com sign in with your details so I don’t have any meetings this stage plans but I can then create a new meeting and then fill out all the details I can have access for anyone being anonymous and up to 10000 people in a call.

I can also have anyone in my company sign in or invitation only so I can send it to a bunch of people via email and then they can either attend the call via web link or by calling in.

Now if they have cameras they can use them as well and you can have up to two hundred and fifty people on camera at once which is pretty cool but that’s all I wanted to show you.

Using Skype for business: More tips

Skype for Business

Go to tools and select the audio device set up for most users. The inbuilt microphone will already be connected and is quite sufficient.

So just say a few words to check your audio level next. Check your video device settings.

Most computers these days have an inbuilt camera but if you’re using office equipment you may have to connect to an external camera.

Select the camera here and check that it’s working properly. Also check the background.

It can be embarrassing if you don’t get that right. If you can’t find your audio or video device.

It’s worth checking in your control panel to make sure the device is selected.

Type control into your search box and select the control panel for audio.

In your Skype for Business select hardware in sound, and manage audio devices there are two tabs one for playback to select which speakers to use and one for recording to select which microphone to use.

Select the one you want again say a few words to check the audio level and you’re done.

It’s very similar for video. If you can’t find the camera just follow the control panel links.

Select it and set it up we’re now ready to chat with the colleagues we’re working with.

They don’t have to be in the same town or even the same country but be careful about time differences.

Select the contact you want to check with. In this case I’m going to ask Jonathan at E top technology if he’s available for a chat.

I can use the inbuilt instant messaging on Skype for Business I click on the contact and type, a quick question he replies fairly quickly and I then start my video which starts the call you can hear the distinctive calling tone.

In this case Jonathan answers without accepting video so it’s just a voice conversation.

Skype for Business
Skype for Business

Richard hi Jonathan how is going. It’s going pretty good. Just wanted to check up on that project we were discussing all going well.

He doesn’t have the answer I need to hand so a few minutes later I ask him to call back.

What was his response shows up in this small window here. And when he calls me back a few moments later with the answer I need.

He’s using video and we can discuss the project. The man himself. Now I’ve got the man himself rather than the picture.

Are you doing euro area area. That’s excellent. It’s really only one step removed from a face to face meeting but without the cost and time of flying from Bangkok to Los Angeles you can toggle your video feed audio feed.

In Skype for Business share your desktop screen and end the conversation by using these four basic buttons and if you want to add more than one person so you get a conference call that’s easy.

That’s a short introduction to Skype for business. You can get more detailed help by going to the tool icon.

Selecting help Skype for Business help and viewing the training videos. You top technology.

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