InícioCall Center Software▷The Best Dialer Software for Call Center dialer【UPDATED 2022】

▷The Best Dialer Software for Call Center dialer【UPDATED 2022】

Choosing the best dialer software for your company’s call center dialer can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Outbound dialers have a lot of options these days. Best dialer solution, with Aircall has optimized cloud-based call center software.

Continue reading to learn how call center dialers work, key features, how to boost your company’s productivity, and more.

How does a call center dialer work?

Dialers are used in call centers to automate the process of dialing numbers. A call center dialer, also known as an outbound dialer, connects customers to an interactive voice response system (IVR) or a contact center staffed by a live call center representative.

Aircall’s preferred form of cloud-based call center software is a power dialer. This call center dialer is more adaptable and efficient than standard preview dialers. A power dialer is an essential piece of contact center technology.

In contrast to auto and predictive dialers, which are automation tools commonly used by telemarketers, power dialers are intended to be used as productivity tools for sales teams. Here you can learn about all of the differences between dialer types.

What is a dialer in a call center?

In a call center, a dialer is an automated system that makes customer calls from your company. There are numerous rapidly evolving sales dialers on the market, making inefficient cold calling obsolete.

Dialer software comes in three varieties that are commonly used in call centers today. The three main types of sales dialers are, in order of least personal to most personal:

  • Autodialers
  • Dialers that make predictions
  • Dialers that progress (including preview and power dialers)

How does a dialer work?

Dialers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A dialer in a call center, in general, is an automated system that makes customer calls from your company. At Aircall, we offer our customers the most efficient and personable dialer available—the power dialer.

A power dialer automatically dials the next number in the queue after the previous call ends. If the number is busy or disconnected, the system will dial the next number on the list. Aircall can be used to:

  • While a call is in progress, remove the numbers from the sequence.
  • The calling sequence can be paused at any time.
  • Skip to the next number manually
  • Hang up and proceed to the next number.
  • While on the phone, interact with the CRM (i.e., take notes, tag, and add follow-up steps)

Using our click-to-dial extension, you can automatically detect phone numbers on web pages and add them to your CRM.

The key features of a call center dialer

When it comes to call center software, there are numerous options available. Some are better suited for outbound call centers, while others are better suited for inbound call centers. When choosing a call center dialer, look for the following ten essential call center features.

Voice response that is interactive (IVR). An IVR is an electronic voice menu that allows callers to select which agent they want to speak with based on their needs.

Callers hear recorded voice memos such as “Press 1 to…” that are played automatically by the system.

Routing based on skill. Everyone benefits from automatic call routing because it saves time and resources. In this configuration, the caller is presented with several options until they are connected with the most helpful agent.

Calls are monitored and recorded. Call center software should be able to record phone calls for training purposes. This can help you improve your team’s efficiency and client satisfaction.

Integration of computer telephony (CTI). CTI connects your phone’s functions to your computer.

You can use a CTI to instantly transform your computer into a virtual call center. Aircall’s CTI integrates with a few clicks, allowing you to easily incorporate the phone into your work processes.

Notifications on the desktop. Pop-up notifications notify your sales agents or customer service representatives when a call is received or transferred to them.

Dialers with clout. A power dialer dials stored phone numbers from a predefined list automatically. New calls can be made only after the current one has ended.

The power dialer in Aircall automatically recognizes phone numbers on websites. It also allows you to dial numbers four times faster and make up to 80 calls per hour.

CRM interfaces. Integrations that are powerful but simple can improve team performance. Aircall can be integrated into your existing CRM in a matter of minutes and clicks.

In our App Marketplace, you can find over 50 different integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

Whispering and live coaching are terms used to describe the services provided by Call Whispering and Live Coaching.

The Best Dialer Software for Call Center dialer 2022
The Best Dialer Software for Call Centers 2022

This functionality allows a third party to join conversations discreetly and offer assistance to the sales agent or customer service representative without the customer’s knowledge.

With Aircall’s whisper function, you can join a phone call undetected or write a note to a colleague, ensuring optimal call center customer support.

Calling and transfer with courtesy. Warm calling allows you to quickly reach out to people who have previously expressed interest in your product and contacted your company.

You can start the conversation before the potential customer picks up the phone to make it go more smoothly. You can use the warm transfer option to speak with your colleague before transferring the call to them.

Analytics for call centers. Analytics should be measured and tracked in order to improve team performance and make data-driven workflow changes.

Analysis and tracking functions vary depending on the call center software you use, from missed calls to processing time.

Different types of call center dialers

Call center dialers are classified into three types. They’re all intended to boost sales team efficiency by utilizing various dialing methods to reach as many prospects as possible.

Autodialers dial as many phone numbers as they can. When someone answers the cold call, the dialer will either play a recorded message or connect the call to a customer service agent who is available.

Autodialing, a step up from manual dialing, reaches a large number of people. What’s the catch?

The call agent who answers the phone may not be prepared with specific sales or support information for that call. When selecting an autodialer, make certain that you are adhering to your country’s compliance laws.

The telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) governs the regulation of telephone solicitations in the United States, for example. These regulations exist on a federal level and may differ from one state to the next.

Power dialers concentrate on one call at a time, resulting in more intimate conversations. This type of automation is ideal for small and medium-sized teams that want to establish a reputation for dependability and personability.

Phone numbers are dialed from a predefined list, and new calls are initiated only after the previous call has concluded.

Predictive dialers use algorithms and machine learning to maximize efficiency by dialing multiple numbers at the same time. When a person answers the phone, the software assigns the call to a sales representative.

The dialer determines the percentage of calls that connect to the intended participant. For example, if it discovers that only 25% of recipients answer the phone, it will dial four numbers at once.

The algorithm analyzes pauses, opening phrases, and other common conversational characteristics to determine whether to route a call to a representative or leave a voicemail.

The predictive dialer can only know the average number of times a call is answered. There is always the possibility of a small margin for error with any algorithmic assumption.

Best Dialer Software for Call Center dialer
Best Dialer Software for Call Centers

Increase your productivity with a call center dialer

With a call center dialer, you can increase the productivity of your company. You can organize your workforce more efficiently with virtual call center software.

Allow distributed teams to work off-site with Aircall’s dialer software for outbound call centers, or use the services of a third-party call center to reduce operating costs even further.

This allows for 24-hour customer service and multilingual support, which is essential for companies that serve large international markets.

Sales cycles are shortened and optimized because the software allows some agents to focus on fine-tuning their scripts and prospecting quality leads while others focus on closing deals.

Call volume can be increased by using click-to-call or by implementing a sales dialer, such as Aircall’s power dialer, which allows sales agents to focus entirely on making better, more personalized calls.

What is the best autodialer for you?

When deciding on the best dialer system for you, there are several factors to consider. An autodialer is a type of predictive dialer that routes calls to either an operator or a recorded message.

While autodialers reach a large number of people and reduce agent wait time, they are not the most advanced call center software.

Aircall provides a power dialer, a type of progressive dialer. The power dialer adds more versatility and efficiency to autodialers than other autodialers.

Sales and support representatives receive a screen pop-up that displays customer and account data, providing them with the necessary call history and context for discussions.

First consider your call needs

To meet your call needs, all VoIP phone systems provide a variety of voice calling features. Consider the following criteria to help you narrow down your options:

Take into account the size of your customer base. Reps can use a preview dialer to see the next call in line and decide whether to skip it. A progressive dialer, on the other hand, dials the next number on the list automatically.

Determine which features you require. Opt-out management, CRM integration, dashboard reporting, speech recognition, IVR capability, and other features are available with automatic dialers.

Think about the size of your call center. Predictive dialers and autodialers are not appropriate for small call centers with a few representatives, but other voice features may be necessary for your company.

Select a vendor with a strong reputation for excellent customer service. You’ll want assurance that the company will be available to you when you need it.

Aircall has all of the features you need to work efficiently toward your team’s goals, without the need for technical consultations or complicated gadgets.

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