InícioInternet Phone Service for Small BusinessWhat is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business

What is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business

Since you were well-informed about internet phones, you made the decision to use them in your small business as well.

But now you must make a difficult choice about which service is best for you and most advantageous. You can get assistance in that decision from the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business.

Here, you can discover which service providers charge what for their services. You can check to see if number transfers are free, faxes can be sent over the network, and there is no limit to the number of calls and messages you can make or receive.

Additionally, make sure the provider offers the kind of round-the-clock assistance you will at the very least need.

Some service providers also provide user training, which will undoubtedly be very helpful to you as you transition to the new business model.

Find Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business

What is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business -
What is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business

You can learn more about the network dependability of the provider as well as the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business.

Whether you can switch from the video call to the audio call and whether the call was recorded will undoubtedly pique your interest.

If you can’t reach your client, it is crucial for your work that there is an automated message stating that you are not available.

Some service providers can help teams that are located far away, allowing you to expand your business into several nations.

Whether or not there is a chance of forwarding calls is crucial. It is necessary for the provider to inform you available in real time so that your business can inspect all communications and use the information to quickly make better decisions.

You can learn all the information you’re looking for with just one click on the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business. You will make a decision about which provider is best for you very quickly.

7 Best Small Business VoIP Service of 2022

For managing communications and customer interactions, the best voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services for small businesses offer a centralized platform.

They are reasonably priced, have cutting-edge telephony features, and have strong integration abilities.

Greater mobility and a high level of customization from the ideal VoIP system should be offered to meet your expanding business needs.

Here are the top seven VoIP services for small businesses, in our opinion:

  • Overall, RingCentral is the best option for growing businesses looking for an all-inclusive, integrable communication solution.
  • Nextiva is the best option for teams looking for a phone system with powerful productivity tools integrated.
  • GoTo Connect is a fantastic choice for companies in need of robust video conferencing capabilities.
  • Best for plans that include unlimited international calling and support for international phone numbers
  • is appropriate for small businesses that prefer metered subscriptions and have low call volumes.
  • Excellent option for businesses looking for adaptable, a la carte phone plans and pricing is Vonage.
  • Ideal for startups and solopreneurs looking for a feature-rich solution without upgrading to high-tier plans is Ooma Office.

1-RingCentral: Best Overall Small Business VoIP Service

The cloud-based business phone system RingCentral is renowned for its robust features and dependability.

With a wide range of call management features like multilevel auto-attendant, call screening, answering rules, and call monitoring, it is our best overall small business VoIP service.

RingCentral is among the best business cell phone plans because it offers sophisticated call handling features, even for users who are constantly on the go.

You can get access to analytics and reporting tools when you upgrade to the Premium plan, allowing you to get in-the-moment information on usage, adoption, and service quality.

With up to 200 third-party applications integrated, RingCentral has the most integrations of the other providers on this list.

Additionally, it has software that is simple to use and intuitive, making it appropriate for users of all skill levels.

Even though RingCentral has the most competitive selection of unified communications tools, some business VoIP users may find its feature-rich platform to be too much to handle.

In this situation, cost-conscious businesses with modest call volume needs ought to think about This RingCentral substitute provides a la carte features, metered plans, and the option to mix and match plans for greater customization and financial savings.

2-Nextiva: Best for Its Team Productivity Tools

A variety of productivity tools are available through the business VoIP service Nextiva to support team collaboration, content organization, and task automation.

Users have access to CoSpace, a team collaboration app, even with its entry-level plan. Teams can manage business communications and access various collaboration tools, including task management, the team calendar, and file sharing, through this free virtual workspace.

Only Nextiva offers a professional voice-over recording, despite the fact that the majority of the business VoIP solutions on our list allow you to record your own phone and voicemail greetings.

Just supply the script, select a voice actor, and let Nextiva handle the rest. For your IVR, after-hours greeting, music on hold, and auto-attendant, you can also ask for recordings.

The lack of group video meetings and audio conferencing on Nextiva’s entry-level plan is one of its biggest drawbacks.

If you require something like this, we advise GoTo Connect, a VoIP service for small businesses with powerful video conference features.

Users of its Basic plan have access to four-person video meetings, audio conferencing, and text messaging for up to 40 minutes. For more choices, look through our guide to the top Nextiva alternatives.

3-GoTo Connect: Best VoIP Service for Robust Video Conferencing Capabilities

GoTo Connect is a VoIP phone service for businesses that includes a robust video conferencing system.

Even though its base plan only permits four video participants, it still performs better than RingCentral and Nextiva, which only permit group meetings on their advanced plans.

Take advantage of its enhanced video conferencing features to make meetings more engaging (e.g., custom backgrounds, mobile screen sharing, drawing tools, and keyboard and mouse control).

GoTo Connect also offers vanity and toll-free phone numbers, which is another distinctive feature.

GoTo Connect gives you the option to choose the virtual number that is most appropriate for your company, unlike other providers like Nextiva and Ooma who only offer toll-free numbers on their base plans.

In order to save time and money when transferring an existing phone number, it also provides number porting services.

Even though GoTo Connect has a powerful unified communications system, RingCentral still has more integrations and call management options.

Because of its robust analytics functionality, well-liked integrations, and call management features, RingCentral is actually ranked as one of our best call management systems. Visit our guide to the best GoTo Connect alternatives if you’re looking for less expensive options.

What is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business
What is the Best Internet Phone Service for Small Business

4-8×8: Best VoIP Service for International Calling

For small businesses with a global customer base and high international call volumes, 88 is a VoIP phone system.

The X series plans from 88 include unmetered calling to 14 or 48 countries, in contrast to the majority of providers like and Nextiva who charge international rates for calls made outside of the United States and Canada.

Additionally, it provides the adaptability of phone number support in more than 100 nations, enabling companies to create a global virtual presence.

A multilevel auto-attendant, voicemail transcription, cloud media storage, and call queues are all included with 88 plans.

Additionally, it supports video conferencing for up to 500 people, making it appropriate for businesses hosting sizable video conferences.

The 88 Work app, which is similar to Nextiva’s virtual workspace and allows users to chat, collaborate, share documents, and make quick video or audio calls, is 88’s equivalent.

Toll-free minutes are not available with all of 88’s service plans. Think about Nextiva, which allots more toll-free minutes with each subscription, if you want customers to call your business without incurring additional costs.

The Essential plan’s price is 1,500, while the Enterprise plan’s price is 12,500. Nextiva charges 2.5 cents per minute if you use more toll-free minutes than you have available. Best for Its Metered Plans is a VoIP phone system for small businesses that provides unlimited and metered pricing options for less money.

It is among our best inexpensive VoIP services and provides a wide range of subscription options so that customers only pay for what they require.

The entry-level Basic Users plan is perfect for companies with low call volumes because it comes with 500 pooled minutes and 1,000 pooled text segments.

In addition to offering inexpensive plans, also provides a la carte services that let customers buy only the features they actually require.

Live receptionists, global numbers, international dialing, call recording, and custom phone numbers are additional features. provides additional minute bundles for high-volume users to prevent overage fees.

CRM integrations, sadly, are only available to Pro users. Consider 88 if you want to save money by not having to upgrade to high-level plans in order to access out-of-the-box integrations.

Key CRM, service, productivity, and support applications are integrated into the Express plan, which is the company’s entry-level offering.

6-Vonage: Best VoIP Service With a la Carte Services

Due to its flexibility in allowing users to customize their plans with additional features and integrations, Vonage has earned a spot on our list of the top VoIP services for small businesses.

Flexible service plans give you the freedom to add functionalities as your business needs change and guarantee that you never pay for features you don’t use.

By including a call recording feature in your subscription for $49.99 per month, you can add one to your Mobile plan.

Business inbox, conference bridge, virtual fax, paging groups, and a virtual assistant are additional premium tools. Paid integrations, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $4.99 and $25 per month, depending on the program.

Internet protocol (IP) desk phones from Yealink and Polycom are an option for premium and advanced subscribers to include with their services.

The lack of toll-free numbers and minutes in Vonage’s service plans is a drawback. The cost for using toll-free numbers is $39.99 per month because they are a premium feature.

Given that it includes free toll-free numbers and minutes on all plans, Nextiva is more advantageous in this situation.

7-Ooma Office: Best VoIP Service for Solopreneurs

For small businesses seeking a feature-rich solution without upgrading to pricey plans, Ooma is a VoIP system.

Due to the fact that all subscriptions come with 50 standard phone features, a toll-free number, and unlimited domestic calling, Ooma is included on our list of the best VoIP services for home offices.

Ooma offers international calling services for those looking to go global and compares favorably to VoIP providers like 88.

It offers some of the most affordable international calling rates, with rates as low as 1.4 cents per minute.

Despite Ooma’s many features, this provider lacks a lot of well-liked integrations. If your business utilizes numerous apps, RingCentral, which integrates with more than 200 top business solutions, is advised.

Automation, productivity, customer service, healthcare, and developer tools are a few examples of app categories.

How We Evaluated the Best Small Business VoIP Service

The top VoIP services for small businesses come with a variety of tools for effectively managing incoming and outgoing calls while accommodating a variety of financial constraints.

We compared seven reputable providers of VoIP services and unified communications features for this guide. We evaluated them according to their performance, cost, and key features.

Bottom Line

More businesses are realizing the value of VoIP services as technology develops and remote work becomes the new standard of practice.

Due to their extensive functionality and integrations, their cloud-based services significantly reduce costs, improve remote collaboration, and raise customer satisfaction.

RingCentral is the top VoIP phone system for small businesses, according to our ratings. The most comprehensive call management features and third-party integrations are available.

Additionally, it supports expanding businesses that need a full phone solution as well as businesses with high call volumes. Visit RingCentral to request a free demo or to begin a risk-free trial right away.

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